What we do

As a destination management company in France, our job is to make you feel welcomed and more importantly to perfectly deliver your incentive/event in France. here is what we do depending on your objectives.

Only working

We organise your working session in France. We select the right location so that you can work during the day and either relax or have fun in the evening. And we follow your idea of fun. It could be unwinding in a fine restaurant or going for an active walk in the mountains… We pick up the perfect location according to your requirements and wishes with easy and quick access, perfect service and excellent working conditions.

Work and connecting with my team

You plan to work and also have a bit of fun or do activities to connect with participants. We put in place a program of activities for your after work session so that you can best experience and connect with your team. Activities are tailor made to your schedule and group and are designed to make all of the members of the group connect with each other. We do not do “small games”, but proper experiences where you will all feel alive or benefit from a feeling of achieving something positive.

Just want to have fun ?

You simply want to connect with your team members and bond, share a moment. We organise your day or week out in selected locations where we can do exiting, living and bonding activities. We focus on making sure you live an experience. It does not have to be extreme but different and according to your requirements so that each participant is having fun.

I want to reward my clients

Client relationship matters. We know that ourselves so we make sure our program fits your corporate values and the ones of your clients. We pick and mix activities and locations to add value to your relationship. We make sure you have quality time to connect with clients and that they recognize your efforts and value.

Want to be put into perspective

Your company/team is doing great, competitive in the market ? Could you learn something from a different industry to put your ways of doing things into perspective? We think yes. We organise “sharing vision” tours with people and organization that can put your processes and perception of your business into perspective so that you learn, share and act to make your business and team an even bigger success.

Want to discover the market ?

You may wish to expand into France, which is an attractive market with 60Mio potential educated and wealthy customers. We organise discovery trips. We schedule meetings with people that are relevant to your industry and we map what could be the process of developing your business in France. The objective is to give you the tools to decide whether or not this idea is worth pursuing, and how.