Corporate event in Lyon: F1 simulators

If you are not sure about going all the way with Formula One driving, we have this experience which is just right for you. Drive a F1 car, in a simulator. And even better, you can also drive a rally car and an endurance car, just like those racing at Le Mans, also in a simulator. This amazing experience is done in Lyon, which is also a great city to organise a corporate event. The cars are actual F1, endurance and rally cars, that are fitted to a platform on electric jacks. When you drive, accelerate, brake, take corners, the platform follows your movements. It is so realistic, you can feel up to 3Gs when driving the F1.

The other good news is that there 6 simulators per type of car, which means you can actually race your friends and team mates. The entire area is lowered from the main platform so that everyone can have a great view of what is actually going on in the races. The location is also great for food as the chef who has worked on the menu as one Michelin star. There is a lounge bar/restaurant where smaller groups can relax and enjoy delicious food and wine.

Larger groups can be catered in the main area, where up to 300 people can be grouped at the same time. For those in a lot of stress, there is also a cutting edge spa on site. These driving simulators are truly unique, and can’t be find anywhere else in the world. This is worth travelling to Lyon just for this. Once in Lyon, make sure you also tour the smaller restaurants, famous for their traditional dishes, and go wine tasting in the nearby areas.

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