Corporate event in the French Alps

As fall is almost there in France, many corporate groups are looking to organise their events on the beach in the sun. And they may be right, but don’t neglect another beauty of France: our mountains. And especially the French Alps. Hotels are great, most with fantastic views of the mountains. And you can select depending on your budget whether to stay in a traditional hotel, or go for the exclusive and luxury chalet. But most importantly, the French Alps are great for the things to do. Here are just a few examples:

Trekking: there are so many trails to choose from, depending on difficulty, allocated time and things you would like to experience. Some trails are well known for the wildlife, others for the stunning views of Mont Blanc… You can also spend the night in a “refuge”, a small house in the middle of nowhere on the trail, which is ideal for any team building exercise.

Skiing: YES, you can ski now in the French Alps, on the Glaciers. Skiing can be done only in the morning as around midday, the end of the slopes turns into soup. But skiing in summer is a great feeling. If you are serious about skiing, wait a bit longer for November and December.

Cycling: same as trekking, but faster. We also make use of specialized cycling trails that are meant to offer greater sensations.

Quad and 4×4: Quad driving in the Alps is simply fantastic. You get the power to go further, climb and negotiate obstacles. There are also some specialized areas for quads and 4×4 where one can train at passing obstacles with trained professionals.

Canyoning and rafting: water sports are great and offer many sensations. Canyoning is ideal for team building and to teach people to push their limits. Mixing swimming, climbing techniques et nerves, canyoning is usually done during 2 or 3 hours in some of the most scenic gorges. River rafting is also very fun.

Flying experiences: the French Alps are also ideal for many aerial sports, such as paragliding. With a professional, you run down a hill to take off and then enjoy the pure beauty of the scenery. You can also learn to fly airplanes and take hot air balloon rides.

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things to do and to see in the French Alps. But we just wanted to bring this awesome area to your attention for your next event or incentive in France. Tematis is your corporate event agency in France.