Corporate event in France: fly a jet fighter

This experience is so cool. You get to fly a jet fighter, and you take the controls! Get on board the Fouga Magister, one of the most agile jet trainers in the world, and take off for a 30mn jet fighter ride along the coast of Northern France. This event can be organised very easily, and it is specifically for small groups as we can only do 6 flights per day. This is ideal for companies wishing to entertain very special clients, or to reward, such as sales peoples performing particularly well. Flying a jet fighter is an experience one never forgets. corporate event jet fighter

The jet fighter is located in Beauvais, which is an international airport. Ryanair and other low cost airlines fly directly into Beauvais. For people who travel privately, we recommend you pull your private plane to our hangar so that you don’t have the hassle of going through the main terminal. We welcome your group with soft drinks and some canapés. Champagne is for later… But we also sometimes station the jet at Abbeville, which is very close to the coast. And the advantage, as you can see on the video, is that you can flight straight along the cliffs, and this is extraordinary. We put everything in place to make sure your event is perfect. If you want to know more, check out our specialized website about fly a jet fighter. And contact us for any question you may have.

corporate event jet fighter